Different Ways to Cover Payments for a Funeral

People find it hard to think about death. Some still cringe at the idea of planning for a funeral ahead. But it is wise to do so. If you don’t, you will leave the burden of arranging everything from scratch for your family. With an average cost for funerals ranging between £5,000-£8,000, it is unmistakably a heavy burden, not to mention the effort required.

There are several options to turn to if you want to ensure your loved ones will be stress-free when you leave this world, at least in terms of making the necessary arrangements for a farewell program in your memory. The funeral directors in Leeds may help you along the way, putting together a memorable memorial but you will have to source funding for it. Here are some ways to build your funeral budget, while you are still alive.


Getting a prepaid funeral plan is one of the best ways to cover your end-of-life costs. With preplanning, you will coordinate with a funeral home to arrange for a service according to your wishes. And you will pay them in advance. So, when you die, your family will just have to get in touch with the funeral home to execute the agreement signified in the contract.

Savings account

Ideally, people should put away a portion of their monthly income to several causes, including funeral costs. You can put this in a joint account with the person most likely to arrange your funeral so when you die, they can withdraw the full amount and pay for the services. However, this option entails trust because they will have access to the account even while you are still alive. Plus, since death comes unannounced, you can’t tell if the person you create the joint account with goes earlier than you do. Those are the downsides.


Life insurance policies revolve around death. Your family or chosen beneficiary can make a claim immediately when you die, so it could help cover the financial needs you leave them to worry about. For a more specific claim, you can take out burial insurance. This type of policy pays for death-related costs.

Death benefits

In the United Kingdom and most nations, a death benefit is available to their citizens. Depending on one’s profession and other factors, the claim may have a different amount. What’s important is there could be available aid to help ease the burden on your family. Unfortunately, your family may not obtain the death benefit immediately, so they will have to borrow the sum to pay for the funeral and other costs.

Death is a sad affair. For some people, it could also be challenging financially. To make it easier for everyone, especially the ones left behind, it would be wise to have a plan on how things would go, just in case. Explore the possibilities with your family so you will not get caught off guard. And planning applies to everyone, and every member of the family, because you would not know in what order you will die. It’s better to be prepared than scared.


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