Driveway Ball: Why Having A Kids Basketball Hoop Is Awesome

Basketball is one of Australia’s favourite junior sports, with thousands of kids driving to the hoop across the country at their local club, park or in the driveway. Speaking of driveway hoops, these legendary fixtures are as ubiquitous to Australian sport as the park footy kick, Milo Cricket or local swim centre!

There are many reasons why it’s great for families to have a hoop installed on top of the garage, and we’re here to list a few of them:

  • It’s an awesome social activity

The kids basketball ring is a great place for your youngster and their friends to stay fit and active outside of school or local sporting events. We all remember our days playing driveway ball, working our way around the gravel court, manoeuvring around our mates and trying not to shoot the ball over the fence, and it’s the same fun for kids now as it was for us when we were youngsters!

Having a garage hoop is one of the best ways for your child to have mates around in a fun, healthy way, and, in our opinion, seriously beats sitting around playing COD all Saturday afternoon.

  • It’s a great way to practise

If your child loves ball so much that they want to play even outside of games and training, then the garage hoop is the best way to keep up their skill level. Sure, going down to the local park for some practice is always good, but the ability to pick up the ball and take it right outside for some skill practice is one of the best ways to up their game.

You can practise all kinds of skills in the driveway, from shooting to dribbling, even passing and layups, and if you’ve got some mates on hand you can turn the whole thing into a mini match situation – get those skills!

  • It gets them outside

With gaming technology and social media often having a negative influence on the younger generation (ooft, that sounds old), it’s important than ever to encourage youngsters to enjoy some outside time. Not only does it help them keep fit and active, but it also promotes healthy socialising, whilst giving them plenty of vitamin D (something that is imperative for our general happiness!).

  • It’s good for their health

Following on from that, it really goes without saying that any healthy, active sport is going to be good for their health. Basketball is a great fitness sport, requiring cardio, strength, speed, precision and coordination to be able to play, and to have these fitness attributes there is nothing better than playing a sport like ball!

Even playing in the driveway is an excellent way to help your kids develop and maintain a strong fitness level going towards their teenage and adult years, and encouraging this kind of healthy activity will likely stay with them into adulthood, ensuring that they will always be working to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • It’s also just so much fun

Because playing ball is so much fun, so the ability for your child to play whenever they feel the need is a great thing for their health, happiness and sociability. It’s a great way for them to stay active whilst playing a wholesome team sport that will instil many life lessons to take into adulthood, and that’s not a bad thing at all!