The Virginia Tech Hokie Stone – What’s everything About?

One of the things which makes Virginia Tech (VT) so memorable a college is the spectacular landscape of the campus. The Drillfield stands in the center from the campus among numerous beautiful limestone structures. Virginia Tech’s building range from local products of Southwest Virginia’s geology.

The structures are home-grown and built in the limestone mines which are based in the university’s own quarry around the borders from the campus. Initially, the limestone was passionately known as “our native stone,” a phrase which was consolidated to more popularly be known simply because the Hokie Stone. These gemstones call to an early on era when structures were built by hands instead of machines.

VT opened up as Virginia Farming and Mechanical College more than a century ago, and thru everything has happened, exactly what has altered over time, the Hokie Stone has won combined with the life blood from the Virginia Tech College as well as its students and faculty. The stone also represents the effectiveness of the strong stonemasons who lengthy ago lay lower the finished blocks of limestone to complement the Collegiate Medieval style of the architecture.

The choice to use limestone included in the structure from the structures came following the campus’ earlier structures were built using bricks inside a Victorian style met with great disapproval. The Virginia Tech students felt the structures built because they were bore too similar a resemblance towards the shoe factories and cotton mills of this time. It was an issue because at that time Virginia Tech had a status like a low brow school, so that they attempted to steer clear of a poverty stricken look around they might.

The procedure where the limestone was changed into such beautiful structures is itself another Virginia Tech metaphor. Turning the Limestone into structures would be a procedure that switched raw stone material into nicely sized gemstones for building. Students of VT undergo an identical procedure for being refined into effective and world altering individuals. Hokie Stone can be used in various structures, varying in the grandest towards the tiniest. Hokie Stone belongs to the campus’ tallest bridge in the same manner that the bench beside a walnut tree is made of Hokie Stone.

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