A fat cat is not a healthy cat

Many people often think that a fat cat is a healthy cat. However, this is not true and can even seriously affect the cat’s health, where people end up buying hypoallergenic cat food to counteract the health problems caused by overfeeding. If you have a fat cat or your cat is sick, your vet will give you some recommendations to help you deal with this pro

blem. One of these may be to feed your favourite feline hypoallergenic wet cat food to help it lose weight. After assessing your cat’s physical condition, your vet will tell you what other changes you need to make in your cat’s life to help it get back in shape. A fat cat can’t get the same level of physical activity as a regular cat, leading to joint and muscle problems.

How to encourage physical activity in cats?

For your cat to lose weight, it needs to burn calories. Your cat burns calories when running, jumping, and climbing, but also when “hunting” for food. A good technique is to impregnate certain areas of your home with the smell of your cat’s favourite snack. Once your cat reaches the snack, ideally, it will run into its food. Your cat will understand that the smell of the snack will lead him to his food. Instead of feeding your cat traditionally with a food dish, have your cat find his food. You can change where you place the food daily, so your cat doesn’t just learn one location. If you do this three or four times in a row, your cat will head straight for that location without wasting time following the smells he picks up with his keen sense of smell.

A balanced diet is essential

Imagine eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eventually, you will put on weight because your diet is not balanced. The same goes for your favourite feline. Besides the food you feed it, portions are also vital. Your cat should eat 3 or 4 small portions a day, rather than putting all the food in her bowl. Cats will eat their fill, and this can make their stomachs bigger. They will want to eat more and more each day to feel satisfied. Once you have controlled portions, you can vary the type of food you feed your cat. Dry food is the most common, but you can also use wet food. Veterinarians recommend a combination of both for best results. Remember, never feed your cat a new brand of food without first consulting your vet.