New Healthcare System: Unique Application

In 3 -12 we discussed the foundation of clinical laboratory science, and why it is so associated with what is happening within your body. In article 4- 12 we discussed information on why there’s this type of large number of critical medical information obtainable in a sizable clinical laboratory science profile pattern. Imagine any testing procedure so sensitive it has countless possible results.

But, how can this be significant within the fight for disease prevention and improved wellness levels? Because, with the proper computer the profile pattern will give you an very effective way of testing people for a number of amounts of health combined with the way of improving it.

Due to the extreme achieve from the profile pattern to determine such minute variations happening within the human organism, the different individual applications available inside the suggested system, are nearly unlimited.

Initially, what about just recording the profile patterns of diseased people, healthy people and very healthy people.

These details might be kept in the study personal computers with every situation being associated with the health and also the atmosphere of the baby it originated from at that time the bloodstream sample was attracted. Whenever you do millions of such cases annually, as typed in it, an enormous data base is made that massive levels of research can be carried out.

One significant example: what about hereditary weakness concerns within families having a inclination toward developing certain illnesses. We all know this can be a fact, what we do not know is when simple it might be to totally solve the issue. It is possible the individuals some families possess a weakness within an area that may be easily resolved. For instance, potentially just by an easy accessory for ones diet. Maybe as easy as tomato juice a few occasions per week or certain vegetables, fruits, vitamins, herbs and other great tales as well as on. Or what about the avoidance of some chemicals for example insecticides or lawn herbicides or chemicals in food? Is that this possible? Could such simple changes be that effective? We will not realize that without a doubt until we’ve the chance to take a look using this type of information system.

Additionally towards the millions of cases that might be transmitted towards the primary national research center section, however, the nation’s research center also offers another volunteer section. That volunteer section is to establish to essentially do three things. Establish all measurable amounts of wellness (additionally to disease states), test all chemicals manufactured, and test all possible remedies–including all of the natural elements.

Measurable amounts of wellness study: 20,000 volunteers could be tested using the profile pattern, every 90 days for 5 years. Each and every testing the volunteer’s health would be also recorded. The volunteers would intentionally be selected for that study in most stages of health. In order the research progresses the person volunteers in their individual stages of health would still progress within the 5 year period some dealing with minor changes n their own health, others major changes, thus supplying a large number of measurable health situations. This could permit the entire look at the preceding stages–such as the stages preceding disease. It might offer an chance to setup the countless analytical profile patterns for that pre-disease stages of health which are now missing–in the disease stages completely towards the normal plus stages.

These can be discussed further within the following articles.

As outlandish because the above may appear compared to our current healthcare situation, it’s truly available, all it requires is public support. Write your Congressperson or Senator to take a look. Lets change our way of life.

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