Vital service: why you should hire a car import/export broker

You don’t have to be a Border Patrol fanatic to know how rigorous Australia’s customs are. In fact, if you’ve ever tried to import/export a car to or from Oz you will know exactly how frustrating the process is. From mountains of paperwork to cars in customs for indefinite periods, it almost seems like Oz would prefer not to reap the fantastic benefits of this great economic system.

This is why importing or exporting vehicles from Australia to overseas is best done with the assistance of an experienced, qualified broker. They can ensure that you get the best deal without the stresses this situation is infamous for.

Here are some reasons why you need a car broker when importing or exporting your next vehicle:

  • They can take care of the paperwork

Paperwork, the bureaucratic nightmare that exists to get in the way of all good things, including buying a stunning new car or selling your current one for a tidy profit. We’re not going to lie to you: international car trade is full of paperwork, especially when you consider it coming from a bureaucratic wonderland like Australia.

If paperwork makes you dread the moment it arrives by mail, by email, by app, is something you wish to do without in this otherwise exciting process – contact the pros. They can handle all the nitty gritty, all that annoying, endless documentation, as they have seen it literally thousands of times before and know every last detail, every ambiguous definition – you won’t have to worry about a thing!

  • They make it easy for you (so you can focus on the rewards)

Following on from that last message, and why wouldn’t you want to make it easy for yourself? Seriously, if you’re not an industry professional then it’s probably safe to assume you just want the rewards from the process (unless you’re some kind of red tape-loving masochist!).

Yes! You just want the good stuff: the classic Jag or the super bad Chevy, or you just want the cold hard cash without customs holding up what should be a cut and shut deal! Make it easy for yourself by completely avoiding all that red tape, instead allowing the experts to handle all the nonsense for you.

  • They can help you negotiate a better deal

Brokers are industry professionals who have been applying their trade for many years, and they know exactly what makes a good deal and what can be overlooked for a better party. You don’t want to find yourself falling victim to a dodgy overseas dealer/buyer who knows exactly how to scam an industry newcomer into handing out their hard earned cash (or receiving little of it for a top quality car!).

Your broker can look into the buying/selling situation on your behalf, analysing the breakdown to ensure that you are not getting stiffed on a shabby deal. If they find that you are, they will happily advise you on how to negotiate a better deal or to leave it behind!

  • They understand the industry

Understanding cars and understanding car importation are like understanding football and football administration: it’s the boring stuff that underlies the excitement! Don’t put yourself through the boring stuff, as it often leads to frustration.

Instead, allow the experts to take care of it for you, as they know the industry’s ins and outs and will be more than happy to take care of it all for you!

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