Best Funfair Attractions, Stalls, and Sideshows 

Organising a funfair can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. You need to consider several factors; the primary among them is the location and scheduling of the event to maximise profitability and exposure. Another thing you need to look into is organising a committee of people to oversee the daily operations of the funfair. Not only will you need to ensure safety and security, but you must also take care of marketing and other similar concerns.

One of the best ways to make life easier for organisers is to work with an innovative and experienced funfair hire company. They will have the necessary expertise and connections to make your event a success, but they will also assist. Signing up a good company is a must if you want to get your event off the ground.

Filling your funfair with the necessary attractions, sideshows, and stalls will determine whether you will have a successful staging or not. You need to work with the company to effectively lay out the site and maximise crowd participation.

Here are some of the best funfair attractions, stalls and sideshows you must consider.

Trampolines and inflatables 

What better way to indulge energetic children than to give them a venue where they can jump, scream, roll, and have fun, all at the same time? Of course, you might need caretakers for younger children who try too much acrobatics, but we’re sure they’ll have a great time finding out how high they can go.

Shooting and throwing galleries

Fairgoers love to test their skill and luck with shooting and throwing games. So line up an avenue with barrel toss, hoopla, balloon poppers and other similar games, and you can be assured that there will always be long queues of people trying their hand at nailing the biggest prize.

Fun houses and mazes

Depending on your funfair theme, you can offer your clientele fun houses or horror houses. You can also make it into a competition with the fastest group to escape from the horror house, getting a premium item. You can also have a maze of mirrors installed to have your fairgoers enjoy seeing their distorted reflections while navigating the attraction.

Carousels and kids’ rides

What’s a funfair without at least one carousel-type ride? One cannot discount the allure of a carousel drawing people of all ages as it evokes nostalgia through the horses, the aesthetics and the music. A great funfair will also have swing boats, vintage chairs, and similar safe rides for children.

White-knuckle rides 

A funfair caters to various clients, among them adventure or thrill-seekers. So why not provide them with a variety of white-knuckle rides that will not only raise the hair at the back of their necks but will elicit screams of joy and terror? Rollercoasters, slingshots, Ferris wheels and Star flyers are among the most popular rides.


Organising funfairs may be pretty challenging because you will need to find a good balance of attractions, stalls and other offerings that will cater to people of various inclinations. However, if you want your funfair to be a fantastic event, you will have to give the people what they want.


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